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October 9, 2018
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All About Boulder Stones The Different Ways to use Boulders as Landscape Décor

All About Boulder Stones The Different Ways to use Boulders as Landscape Décor

When someone loves aesthetics in their home but lives in an area where the climate is very hot or dry or when someone simply wants to do something unique and master creativity in their yards they turn to rock landscaping!

Rock landscaping is a process of making a yard in either your home or any other piece of land more attractive by modifying the design using rocks instead of the traditional grass, and trees.

Many different materials are available for use in rock landscaping. Some of the most popular forms of decorative rock are marble, limestone, granite, lava rock and river rocks. For the purpose of this article, we will talk about Boulders. But don’t forget to read about river rock, just click here.

So why use boulders? When homeowners want to make a big impression in their landscaping design, they turn to boulders!

What are Boulders?

The word “boulder” is short for “boulder stone.” Boulder stones are large, rounded rocks that have been smoothed by the action of the weather or water. Rocks with a diameter size of 25.6 centimeters or larger are usually considered boulders.

Why Would I Want a Boulder in my Yard?

If a boulder is just a giant rock, why would I want to have one in my yard or home? Well, boulders can play different functions in your home. For example, use a boulder in your yard to give it visual appeal. Create a nature like a theme in your yard or use them to decorate around a pool. Boulders can be flattened to create steps or pathways. Use boulders to direct traffic in your front yard, often times guests can step on your grass or flower beds. Use boulders to direct them where to go.

Boulder Landscape Ideas

How to Determine Where to Place a Boulder

Now that you have decided to decorate your home or yard with boulders, you have to choose where to place these large sized rocks and how to use them in a way that benefits your home the best. Below you will find some ideas as to how Paradise Landscaping Centers has used boulders. Be sure that the place you choose can handle the size and weight of your boulders, and get as creative as you can with your design. If you are going to keep your boulders off ground, consult professional and use the proper material to keep your boulder fixed and stable.

  • Use boulders to outline your fire pit
  • Use boulders to hide septic tanks
  • Create boulder chairs or benches
  • Create boulder steps or staircases
  • Create a boulder wall if you have a sloping hill
  • Design the center of a circular driveway with boulders
  • Design the floor with flattened boulders in the cement

Click here to see more photos of projects by Paradise Landscape Center Inc.

How to Care for Boulders in Your Yard

A beautiful landscape can be created when using boulders in your design but with that, does the price of maintenance come along too? The answer is no! Fortunately, boulders are very easy to maintain, in fact, they require little to no maintenance and can last you a very long time. If you do decide you want to give your boulders a pick me up, you can do so once or twice a year.

To clean your boulders first make sure to remove all large or loose debris and dirt with a broom then rinse your boulders with a garden hose. If your boulders need a little bit of extra cleaning you can use a scrubbing brush and vinegar to wash away mud, stains, moss or algae then rinse it all off with a hose. That is all it takes to keep your boulder landscape design beautiful and clean!

Where to find Boulders

You don’t need to go out to the wilderness to find boulders for your backyard. Just visit us in Paradise Landscape Centers at 422201 Division St., Lancaster, California to check out the largest inventory of landscaping rocks and boulders. Paradise Landscape Centers is open 7 days a week and delivers straight to your home. We promise friendly service so If you have any questions or for more information give Paradise Landscape Centers a call at (661) 878-8886 or visit our website

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