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All About River Rock

All About River Rock

The Many Different Ways to Use River Rock for Landscape Decor

Landscaping is a process of making a yard in either your home or any other piece of land more at-tractive by modifying the design. Landscaping changes the visible features of the land usually for decorative purposes.

Grass and lawn are what most people use to decorate, clean up or make their yards “pretty,” so often times landscaping can be referred to as gardening.

Using grass, plants, and trees in your yards are a form of landscaping but especially in the Ante-lope, Santa Clarita, and San Fernando Valley’s, where the weather is really hot, grass may be diffi-cult or more expensive to maintain.

The type of landscaping you will learn about today helps with water conservation and helps home-owners who live in dryer climates.

What is River Rock

River Rock is one of many types of rock that are used to landscape yards. River Rocks are found near beaches and in stream beds. They range from different textures, colors, and sizes. Usually, River Rocks are found in shades of brown, pink, grey, black and maroon. They are one to three inches wide but can be as big as 15 inches; most of the time, when rocks reach this size they are considered boulders, check out our article that talks all about boulders here.

River Rocks are naturally rounded and worn by the action of moving water, this generally creates a smooth texture and unique soft color. This is why River Rocks are very popular for landscaping. River Rocks resemble beach pebbles and cobblestone but come in a variety of other grainer tex-tures.

How can River Rocks be used?

River Rocks are beautiful stones so can be used for several different things like landscaping, construction material, interior design projects and even hot stone massages because of their smooth texture.

Antelope, Santa Clarita, and San Fernando Valley homeowners select River Rocks to create beautiful yards that don’t take a long time to maintain and that will help lower their water bills! You can get as creative as you like and achieve any landscaping look you want with River Rocks.

Below you can discover some unique ideas on how to use River Rocks.

River Rock Landscape Ideas

  • Create a pathway or flagstone walkway. Many times when homeowners have guests over they worry about them stepping on their lawn, eliminate this problem and show your guests which way to walk by implementing a River Rock pathway using different types of River Rock.
  • Use River Rocks around a pond or a fountain to beautifully incorporating water with your de-sign. • Spread it around any existing plants, trees, or floral shrubs to really clean up the look of your yard. Always remember to use different types of River Rock and contrasting colors to create depth.
  • Make it look like you have a dry creek bed with the appearance of big and small River Rocks. • Create a beautiful rock garden with different colors and shapes of River Rock.
  • If you have slopes in your backyard convert them into a staircase! River Rocks are smooth enough to create the appearance of a staircase and can even stabilize the land to avoid dirt erosion.
  • Get really creative and transform your patio into a River Rock mosaic.

Use River Rocks Inside Your Home

Now you know how wonderful a River Rock landscape can turn out! Are you still left with wanting more? If you are, check out these ideas on how to use River Rock to decorate the inside of your home!

  • Use River Rock to decorate your fireplace, at home bar, or kitchen island.
  • Get as creative as possible with your designs and create a River Rock backsplash in either the kitchen or bathroom.
  • When River Rocks are used in the bathroom they help create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere. Consider using River Rocks to outline your shower or even create an outdoor shower.
  • River Rocks look great near water if you have an indoor pool or pond make sure to enhance it with River Rock decoration.
  • If you are good at DIY’s use River Rocks to make a doormat or doorknobs.
  • To use River Rocks for a more simpler project use them to decorate a glass vase or to cover the dirt on the top of a flower pot.

How to Care for River Rocks

River Rocks can be used for so many things to enhance the beauty in your home or within a landscape. The best thing about River Rocks is that they are highly durable and require little to no maintenance. River Rocks don’t require water maintenance and also don’t loose color for being in the sun too long.

Paradise Landscape Centers has one of the largest inventories of River Rocks and other materials. To create a beautiful landscape that can last forever visit or contact them direct-ly at (661) 878-8886.

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