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October 31, 2022
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October 31, 2022
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Using Decomposed Granite in Your Landscape

Do you want to spruce up your yard in an affordable way? Are you tired of mulch and do not want to spend money multiple times a year replacing it? At Paradise Landscape Centers, we have a solution for you: decomposed granite. Decomposed granite is a landscaping material similar to gravel, but contains more rock dust. It is eye-catching and comes in different natural colors that suit your exterior the best. It is the least expensive way to pave a courtyard, pathway, or driveway.

To add depth and interest to your yard, you have the choice of using numerous shades and colors. At Paradise Landscape Centers, we can help you choose dynamic colors to make your exterior exceptional. We have colors that you can choose from like brown, gold, blue, black, and rose, depending on your taste and preference.

Loose Decomposed Granite

It is granite aggregate with no additives. Compared to other types of decomposed granite, this is the least expensive and delivers exceptional drainage because it is not a solid surface. To create a solid surface, loose decomposed granite needs to be frequently filled in. This restores lost aggregate caused by erosion. Uses for loose decomposed granite comprise landscape mulching, patios, garden paths, play areas, and sports courts.

Decomposed granite with stabilizers

It is the best option for walkable pathways, outdoor patios, and driveways. However, compared to loose decomposed granite, it is more expensive. It has a stabilizer mixed in with the granite aggregates and tends to look like loose DG when spread and compacted. The top layer of stabilized decomposed granite may appear loose and organic but it is less prone to erosion and therefore requires less maintenance.

Decomposed Granite with Resin

Resin-coated decomposed granite is the most expensive option of the three. Its surface is similar to asphalt but has a more permeable and natural look. It is the strongest and most durable decomposed granite which is why it is mostly used for driveways, parking areas, and high traffic areas. Decomposed granite with resin is easier to install and remove compared to other granites.

Beautiful Landscaping with Decomposed Granite

Decomposed granite is the right choice for you if you are planning to change the landscape of your home. It is unlikely for you to regret investing in decomposed granite as it is flexible, cheap, and easy to maintain. We suggest a non-stabilized decomposed granite in case you are looking for a material to surround your plants in an attractive way. In case you need to create pathways or replace your asphalt driveway, decomposed granite with added stabilizers is your best choice.

At Paradise Landscape Centers we advise you on the best type depending on your home yard and preferences. Are you ready to start your newest yard project? Do not look any further. Have a look at the samples of our decomposed granite and contact us today!

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