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Use Deco Ground Material to Improve the look of your driveways and pathways.

Use Deco Ground Material to Improve the look of your driveways and pathways.

If you are looking for a way to bring a natural rustic feel to your yard, you should check on Deco Ground Materials. It is an attractive, cost effective alternative landscaping material instead of using concrete. No matter how large or small the area, Deco Ground Material can change the look of your yard in to an inviting relaxing space as a solace place for you or a shared space with your family.

It comes in a variety of materials, colors and textures. In Paradise Landscape Center, we have wide range of selections and most of our materials are made up of decomposed granite. This is a durable material that can be pressed into a hard surface that can withstand foot traffic. With numerous variety of colors you can choose from, you can definitely bring out the personality and warmth to any pathway.

Deco Ground Material vs. Concrete

When designing your yard, it is important to look at the pros and cons of all the ground materials out there. Concrete is widely used for decades, but it can also be an expensive commitment. First and foremost, once concrete is installed it can be expensive to remove. Unlike concrete, decomposed granite is easy to install and it is not complicated to remove if you choose to replace it. Decomposed granite is also an ecofriendly alternative as concrete production is a large contributor to C02 production and greenhouse gas emissions. So if you are looking for a less expensive, natural, simplistic environmentally friendly product, decomposed granite is your smart choice.

Consumer Benefits

Large Projects:

Paradise Landscape Center Deco Ground Material can be used in large areas such as sports tracks and surfaces, driveways, and patios. Deco Ground Material or decomposed granite is a great option for sports surfaces. It responds well in rainy conditions since naturally eroded granite resembles sand, it can provide natural drainage preventing mud and puddles. It is child friendly, pet friendly, and more shock absorbent then concrete or asphalt.

Paradise Landscape Center Deco Ground Materials are a great option for driveways. It can be a cheaper option in paving a large area and durable in bearing weight. It can also provide natural drainage which prevents water run off which is what we see with standard concrete and curbs.

Small Projects:

Paradise Landscape Center Deco Ground Material can be used in small areas such as walkways, paths, borders and as mulch alternatives. Walkways made of decomposed granite can have a more natural look and compliment surrounding plants and shrub. It stays cooler than concrete and provides natural drainage. We spend so much time decorating the inside of our homes; we forget to bring our own personal taste to the outside of our homes. Show your own personal style using decomposed granite for borders in a variety of colors.

Mulch is an important additive to gardens and flower beds. It prevents soil compaction by breaking up the soil. This can help the soil absorb and retain moisture while preventing weed seeds from germinating, reducing the amount pesky weeds. If you are looking for a mulch that doesn’t decay or decompose and provides micronutrients to the soil such as calcium and iron which promote growth and manganese which helps prevent yellowing of leaves then decomposed granite will be an excellent choice for you.

Paradise Landscape Center Quality Materials

Paradise Landscape Center provides a large variety of decomposed granite in our selection of Deco Ground Materials. We provide a variety of colors at an affordable price. Decomposed granite naturally erodes to a fine sand-like material that can be used in a variety of ways. Our Deco Ground Materials come in 12 different colors and textures that can transform your space into a beautiful landscape. Navajo Gold can bring a natural feel, Red Brick color granite compliments any sports area, our shades of pink and rose are a perfect addition to desert landscapes, and our Emerald Green, Midnight and Plum can add a pop of color to your landscape.

Paradise Landscape Center Friendly Service

Paradise Landscape Center provides the largest selection of Deco Ground Materials in the Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valley. We are here to assist you with the information you need and so you can choose the best products to fit your landscaping project. Giving your landscape, an upgrade does not need to be stressful. We are here to assist you with decision making and offer our delivery service 7 days a week. Contact Paradise Landscape Center today or visit us at

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