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Using Sand in Landscaping Your Yard

Sand is a versatile natural landscaping material that can transform your yard from monotonous to beach-like or hectic to calming and visually appealing. With creativity, sand can improve the aesthetics of your landscape. Some of the uses of sand add levels of unimaginable convenience and comfort to your courtyard.

We will go over some of the uses of sand in your landscaping projects. We hope these uses will spark some ideas that will make you contact us, Paradise Landscape Centers; we are the best sand and rock materials provider.

Use It as a Base and Filler for Pavers

Sand is an excellent foundational piece for most landscape projects because it compacts easily. It is used to make the paver walkway more stable. To prevent pavers from shifting and breaking, sand is used to level beneath stone pavers and fill spaces between pavers. A layer of gravel can be added beneath a thick layer of sand to enhance durability. Sand used as pavers usually contains multiple grain sizes and sharp edges. Grit sand usually compacts well and, therefore, is the best sand for this purpose.

Create a Zen Garden

A Zen garden is the perfect choice for a homeowner who wants a peaceful space with a calming atmosphere for meditation. This concept originated from Japan and was adopted by many Western homeowners. Sand, along with gravel and larger stones, which represent water and land, are the foundation of the Zen garden. Choose sand with refined round grains that allow little resistance while raking to mimic water flow.

Cover Up the Play Area

Playground sand is a must in a landscape with a playground area for kids. Contact Paradise Landscape Centers to inquire about the safe play variety for kids. One which doesn’t contain silica and has a soft texture that is less abrasive on a child’s skin. This type of sand is spread over surfaces used for different sports like beach rugby and volleyball.

Landscape Edging

It is visually attractive and functionally practical to use sand for edging around your courtyard. Edging with sand prevents erosion. Creating a border around pathways and sidewalks adds aesthetic value to your property. You can’t use any sand for edging because several specific types of sand are required for edge. Paradise Landscape Centers has professionals to help you with that. Reach out to us to help you decide on the suitable sand for your yard.

Form Hardscape Features

The reason why fill sand is used beneath pavers is that it is coarse. One can also mix it with concrete to form hardscape features like garden edging, sturdy pathways, stone steps, and outdoor seats. A fill sand and concrete mixture poured onto an interlocking template creates a walkway that seems to have been made by individually laid down pavers.

Now that you know the uses of sand in landscaping, if you need high-quality sand for your landscaping, look no further than Paradise Landscape Centers. We are a reliable landscaping material supplier. You won’t be disappointed with us.

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