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September 30, 2020
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September 30, 2020
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Top 5 Landscaping Idea

Whether your yard is small or large, one of the most critical steps before the commencement of the landscaping process is proper planning. You might feel that your yard is small but a loosely planned yard makes it feel bigger. A properly planned yard improves its organization. It is important to define the space available as this makes its purpose clear. A small backyard feels and looks spacious when designed organized properly. Therefore, precise landscaping steps and ideas give an aesthetically appealing lawn and leave enough functional space where the family can enjoy.

Create a feasible plan

When making designing a landscaping plan for a small yard, an organization is an operative mind that must always guide the landscaper. It is important to always important to have a guiding theme that best suits your small yard. The theme selected must always coincide with your budget. It is always beneficial for the landscaper to define the available spaces of their small yard. You must identify the specific purposes of the available spaces. For instance, one can decide to delineate a lounging or dining area with a stone patio and on the other hand, use some plantings to separate the play area.

Selection of the right plants

When it comes to the selection of plants to be used in a small yard, special consideration must always come into play. In the planning process of your landscape, the best plants to cultivate are the indigenous or native plants. Some of the reasons for using these plants in a small yard include:

  • Save water and money

Most native plants are adapted to their habitat and have a better water retention capacity in comparison to non-native plants. These characteristics save you water. These plants are also adaptable to the typical amount of precipitation received in a specific area. Water preservation significantly reduces the expense of water.

  • Resistance to local weather

Native plants can withstand the environment better in comparison to non-native plants. Therefore, these plants tend to withstand harsh weather and continue growing once the weather conditions are favorable. This means that you do not need to purchase another plant once the harsh condition is over.

  • Less maintenance

These plants are more resistant to drought, diseases, and other environmental factors. Therefore, they have the tendency of spreading quickly to crowd out weeds thus requires less maintenance. The nature of their growth is such as to guard the soil against flooded water. This characteristic helps in the maintenance of soil nutrients.


When landscaping in a small yard, the landscaper needs to be innovative. The utilization of a terraced landscape is important because it helps in designating spaces while making the small yard appear bigger. Terracing can create room for plantings while the lower walls can be used as bench seating.  The landscaper can also decide to construct trellis above which can be covered using native vines. The trellis will not only provide shade but also define the patio space.

Inclusion of multifunctional features

When planning for a feature to be placed in your small yard, it is important to choose items that are not bulky and have multiple uses. For instance, you can opt to use benches that can also be used as storage boxes for garden tools. Easily stored furniture such as folding chairs and collapsible tables can also come in handy.

Improve your fence

Finally, in case the yard is surrounded by fences, it is important to make the fences as appealing as possible which can be enhanced through adorning it with decorative materials or painting. It is important to note that plain color fences portray a sense of enclosure while decorated fences give a sense of depth.


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