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How will you know when it’s time to work on your yard?

A former professional football player by the name Pat Howell once said that ‘grass is the cheapest plant to install but the most expensive to maintain.’ It is also important to note that a well-maintained yard adds value to a property. According to the Lawn Institute, well-maintained and designed landscapes increases the value of a property by 15-20%. This underscores the importance of taking good care of your yard and having the knowledge to differentiate the good from the bad signs of your yard. In case the yard portrays bad signs, you should never hesitate to seek professional help from AV Rock Supply before the problem escalates to an irreversible degree. The sign below are indicators that your yard needs professional help.

Brown and Yellow Grass 

There are a host of problems that leads to the yellowing of the grass. One of the most common reasons for a yellow lawn is dryness. Excess nitrogen in the soil could also lead to this discoloration. The excess nitrogen could result from either application of excess fertilizer to the soil or from dog urine. It is important to note that all fertilizers have nitrogen components; therefore, when applied in excess it alters the pH of the soil resulting in yellowing of the grass. The roots become incapacitated to take other nutrients and water. On the other hand, most homeowners keep dogs. Dog urine has excess nitrogen content so in cases where the dog tends urinating on the lawn, the urine ends up burning spots in the lawns. One of the most common ways of differentiating between dog urine and excess fertilizer is the presence of yellow spots that are bordered by greener grass. The presence of both colors is explained by the fact that the diluted edges of the urine feed the grass while the concentrated center burns the roots of the lawn. Another cause of discolored lawn is heat and sunlight. In intense heat, the areas of the lawn that are more exposed to the sun tend to dry out quickly. It is always important to note that whenever your lawn turns either brown or yellow, that a clear signal that something is lacking in the lawn.

Yellow Lawn Pest and Diseases

The most common diseases affecting your lawn is normally the fungal diseases such as fairy rings, snow mold, smut, and fusarium.

Fairy rings

Another identifiable feature that shows the presence of a disease in your lawn is the presence of mushroom-like structures. Once these features are identified it signifies that the body of the fungus is buried underground in the soil. Therefore, the fairly rings are mushroom-like structures that form a distinctive arc on the lawn. They signify the presence of a distinctive type of fungus known as the fairy ring. There are between 30 and 60 kinds of fairy ring fungi. The fairy ring fungi are more dangerous in sandy soils. They feed on the decaying matter present in the lawn. In the presence of aeration of the lawn, the quality of the soil improves thus reducing the existence of the fairy rings in your lawn.

Although of some the problems affecting the lawn could seem easy to fix, it is important to note that without seeking professional help AV Rock Supply, the symptoms could be misleading. For instance, there are various reasons when the lawn may turn yellow there needs a proper diagnostics from the professional to provide a permanent solution to these problems. In the case of disease pest and disease control, applying the right amount of pesticides and other fungicides require extra knowledge that can only be applied by a professional.


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