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August 28, 2019
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Summer Landscaping: Tips for Front and Backyard Landscaping Design

When it comes to designing a landscape, the hardest part comes from making decisions about what you want. Although the process contains many stages, it doesn’t need to be exhausting. In fact, as a homeowner, you may experience most of the fun during the process. Let’s consider two common goals homeowners have when redesigning their yards: increasing home resale value and entertaining family and friends. These goals are fairly simple but tend to be a source of stress and conflict when it comes to making decisions. It doesn’t need to be difficult if we follow a simple guideline for designing yards. The secret is to make the backyard family friend, and the front yard potential buyer friendly.

It’s that’s simple and here is how and why you should consider this guideline before starting your summer landscaping project with Paradise Landscaping Centers.

Front Yard Landscaping

The front yard is a huge component for bringing in potential buyers of your home. Before people can enter the home, they want to be impressed by the front yard. A poorly kept front yard or poorly designed yard can decrease the home value, even though it’s not part of the actual house. One design-wrecked yard may decrease the sale value of the neighboring homes near you. So, when redesigning a landscape, consider designing it make it polished and clean.

There are multiple ways of achieving this one great is by minimizing the use of grass by adding decorative rocks, mulch, or bark to the front lawn. If you’re a homeowner who has difficulty maintaining grass, consider options that complement the climate. In Southern California we experience a dryer climate with increasing temperature, adding decorative rocks or mulch in replacement to parts of the lawn can save you money, water, and increase property value.

Backyard Landscaping

If you’re looking to make a unique statement with design and also please the other members of your family living in the home, the backyard is the best place to do it. In the backyard, you want to consider creating spaces that you know will be accessible to members living in the home. Consider everyone from young kids, to pets, and visiting friends. It wouldn’t make sense to place twenty boulders in the center of a kid’s playground, so keep reasons like this in mind.

To design a family-friendly backyard gather the household for a meeting to make sure everyone is being considered. Everyone’s input is valuable for making a more personal space. Since backyards are typically more private you have more design options to select from. If your goal to spend more time outdoors, consider adding a fire pit with surrounding boulders, set up a personal garden, or allocate a play space for the kids. The options are endless for creative potential in the backyard.

So remember for your summer landscaping project, to keep it simple in the front yard and festive in the backyard if you’re having trouble starting your project. There are endless ways to design your space without compromising too much fun. Head on over to Paradise Landscaping Centers to start browsing for the right materials.

Ready to make a change in your yard this summer? It all starts with finding the right materials for your landscaping needs. At Paradise Landscape Centers we have a wide selection of premium bark and mulches, with competitive prices and delivery services. Take your time, we’re open 7 days a week at 42201 Division St., Lancaster, CA. We offer services to the Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita, and San Fernando Valley areas. Give us a call at 661-878-8886.

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