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August 28, 2019
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Landscaping: How to Add More Color with Rocks, Boulders, and Mulch

A lot of residential neighborhoods have neutral color schemes, with varying shades of brown, tan, creme, and white. It’s normal to see this color scheme when driving around the Antelope Valley. This isn’t a bad thing because a neutral color palette makes it even easier to enhance your yard with the right materials. Even better you can do it using natural materials which provide an easy and accessible to transform your landscape. If you’re looking forward to making changes and creating new visuals, read more below on how to add more color using unique decorative rocks, boulders, mulch, and bark from Paradise Landscaping Centers.

Midnight Blue Decorative Crushed Granite Rock

This type of blue is uncommon and a way to add a color that doesn’t offset a neutral color scheme. Blue is pleasing to the eye and complementary addition to yellow flowers and yellow native plants. Using a Midnight Blue Decorative Crushed Granite Rock can be an excellent design selection when adding rocks to a dry riverbed. The blue color mimics the color of the ocean and creates a vision of an oasis in a desert backyard.

Emerald Bay Color Decorative Crushed Limestone Rock

This crushed limestone rock is a unique addition to residential yards, consider it a top option for adding color for your next landscaping project. The emerald bay color pairs nicely in gardens and is complementary to Red Dyed Mulch. Green and red are complementary colors so consider making a design statement by pairing the two together. In addition to being a unique color, the decorative rock is durable and withstands weather changes, throughout the wind, rain, sunshine, or snow this rock is shining.

Purple Sage Granite Boulders

I know we mentioned the emerald bay crushed limestone as being a unique addition, but the purple sage granite boulder wins the prize as an ultimate attention grabber. The purple granite looks magnificent in sunlight, so for homeowners in the desert, consider adding this to your lawns immediately. Especially for homeowners who’ve opted out of grass lawns, purple sage granite can be the necessary highlight for desert landscapes. It’s eye-catching without being out of place.

Auburn Gold Granite Boulders

A great add-on to any landscaping design is auburn gold granite boulders. The golden hues of these boulders mimic those gorgeous sunsets we experience daily in Southern California. If you’re someone who appreciates a neutral color but looking for something to standout, this is a great method for landscaping without taking a major risk. Auburn gold granite is a consistent contender when creating boulder benches or lining walkways.

Red Dyed Mulch

A gardener’s favorite addition, Red Dyed Mulch, is great for bringing out the vibrant color scheme of any garden. One of the best ways to add color in landscaping yards is to match complementary colors. A red from the mulch makes the leaves from your rose bushes even more visually stunning. Consider adding Red Dyed Mulch to your succulent garden and pairing it with emerald bay crushed limestone rock to create a wonderfully bright area in your yard. It’s also practical as mulch insulates soil and plants maintain the right temperature with mulch.

Ready to make a change in your yard this summer? It all starts with finding the right materials for your landscaping needs. At Paradise Landscape Centers we have a wide selection of premium bark and mulches, with competitive prices and delivery services to cities all around the Antelope and San Fernando Valleys. Take your time, we’re open 7 days a week at 42201 Division St., Lancaster, CA. Give us a call at 661-878-8886.

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