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Why You Should Design a Petscape for Your Pets

Our pets are essential parts of our homes, they bring us so much happiness. It’s crucial to ensurethat our pets are comfortableand happy as well. To do so, we can create spaces for them that mimic their natural habitats.

Pet owners of more alternative animals like reptiles, fish or arachnids require different typeof maintenancethan other animals. They won’t be running around in your backyard so their livable spacesof huge importance. Allocating space for them to live comfortably and move without restraint is beneficial for any pet and pet owner. Although it might be a little more complicated to mimic the natural habitats of reptiles in your homes, you can achieve the needed environment byinstalling the right Petscape which you can find at Paradise Landscape Centers.

What is a Petscape?

A Petscape is a designated habitat in your home for domesticated reptiles, arachnids or aquatic pets.They’re also known as “terrariums” or”aquariums.” You can think of these as landscapes that you can create, design and model as your pets’ home. Petscape’s mimic the natural landscape of the reptile or aquatic pet and allow you to add unique elements for your pets’ unique needs.

For reptiles like bearded dragons, geckos, or iguana’s, their natural habitatsoriginatefrom Central and South America. A Petscape for these animals would include a dryer landscape. You could use pebbles, rocks, synthetic branches, and plants to control the temperature.

Aquatic animals like fresh or saltwater fish require pebbles, plants, and coral pieces in their Petscape’s to mimic the saltwater ocean floors or freshwater lake they typically reside in.

Petscape’s are the foundation for creating an enjoyable environment for your pets. For example, when building a space for a bearded dragon you will need different amenities including taller plants, climbing pieces, heat lamps, UVB lights, humidity checkers, and thermometers. It’s essential to create a foundation that doesn’t disrupt the quality of life for these pets. Selecting quality pebbles and other materials can improve the insulation of the enclosed habitat.

How will Petscapes Benefit Your Home?

On top of creating cozy dens for our pets, Petscape’s can be visually appealing centerpieces in any home. When designing a Petscape for reptiles or aquatic pets, consider starting at the bottom with the pebble base. When starting at the base, selecting climbing decor for reptiles or plants and coral for your fish becomes easier. White aquatic pearl pebbles reflect light and enhance the contrast to the other decor in any aquatic Petscape. If you’re stumped, consider picking a theme that also matches their natural habitat. There are multiple themes you can create when designing your Petscape. For example, create a whimsical garden, mimic the Amazonian rainforest, or do something a little different with vibrant floor ocean corals and lights. You can create multiple designs whether you want to create the illusion of a dry creek, ocean, or jungle. Your options are endless.


Of course, you want to make sure that your pets will be safe. An important part of creating a practical and comfortable Petscape is using natural materials to replicate the habitat. Synthetic pebbles may be cheaper initially, but not worth the overall compromise of an animal’s lifespan.

Natural pebbles help keep terrariums dry and comfortable for pet reptiles like lizards, especially when they’re growing and expanding to incredible lengths. Pebbles provide the necessary drainage for the Petscape and only require a 1-2-inch layer for adequate drainage. Which is important because a terrarium is likely to be watered frequently and too much water or humidity can develop mold and excessive bacteria.For our scaly friends to remain happy, their habitat must contain a controlled heat source via UV lamps and natural pebbles retain more heat than synthetic pebbles, so this is a beneficial reason to consider natural materials.

For our aquatic animals avoid pebbles infused with metals like zinc and lead, these metals are better kept out of aquatic Petscape’s because they might lead to poisoning your aquatic animals. Always consult with your veterinarian or local pet shop if you have concerns about changes to your pet’s behavior.

If you’re looking to start customizing your Petscape visit Paradise Landscape Centers. They have a selection of upstraights, treasure island black pebbles, coarse aquarium pebbles, and golden pebbles to design your Petscape’s base. They carry special grand rock formations, 250-million-year-old coral, live rocks with algae, lace, and Mexican Pot Rocks for freshwater fish! Take your time; they’re open seven days a week at 42201 Division St., Lancaster, CA. Paradise Landscape Centers offer services to the Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita, and San Fernando Valley areas. Give them a call at 661-878-8886.

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