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What to Do Before Renovating a Yard on Your Own

Yard renovation improves the beauty of a home, and it boosts its value. Besides the aesthetical value, lawn renovation prevents the soil from being eroded by rainwater. Further, the grass covers reduce the hot ground temperatures during summer, making it more comfortable to bask in the sun. As a DIY expert, you need to prepare well to succeed in your renovation and enjoy the above benefits. Here are various things you need to do before renovating your yard.

  • Gather the right equipment

A great job starts with the right machinery. You will need equipment like a leaf rake, a lawnmower, water sprinklers, sprayers, and much more for preparing the yard before planting the seeds. After collecting the equipment, ensure that they are in the right working condition to avoid job inconveniences. Ensure that your mower is ready for cutting the grass. Inspect its spark plug, fittings, the oil, and the blades, and make any necessary adjustments. Store the equipment well as they wait for the renovation exercise.

  • Choose your seed type

There are different grass species, and so are the seeds. Some of these species may survive in some climatic conditions while others might not. Before buying, research the climatic conditions of your locality and the grass species that can withstand them. After getting your seed type, do not just buy from any retailer. Some retailers are only after money and may give you seeds with defects like weed seeds or unwanted grass species. Ask for the most reputable seed retailers in your locality to get the quality seeds. A reliable retailer may even advise you on the most suitable seeds for your empty spaces.

  • Clean the lawn

Accumulated debris such as twigs, stones, acorns, thatch, dead leaves, and others may threaten the persons working on the lawn or even damage the mower. It is thus advisable to clean the lawn before trimming the grass to increase the working efficiency. Use the leaf rake to gather dead leaves and other lightweight solid materials on the grass in the yard. The waste collected can make great mulch for different plants in the garden. Be sure not to clean the lawn until the soil is dry to avoid compacting the soil.

  • Control the weeds 

Since most weed-control chemicals may hinder new seeds’ germination, you should get rid of the weeds before sowing the new grass. The existing grass will be mature enough and hence won’t be affected by the chemicals. Stick to the recommended concentrations since exceeding the recommended level may affect the grass. If you are stranded on the type of chemical to use, then dimension granular pre-emergent can do wonders in your yard.

  • Aerate the soil and add leaf compost

Like any other plant, grass will require air, water, warmth, and nutrients to stay healthy. Aerating the soil will create openings for entry of air, water, and nutrient to the grassroots. You can aerate the soil by ensuring that your equipment can dig 2 to 3 inches depth and place the soil plugs on the surface, and then leave the plugs to compress on their own. Use a leaf compost to add nutrients to the aerated lawn. Use sprinklers to irrigate the yard regularly as you wait for the planting season. Note: the yard should have moderate moisture during aeration for effective results.


Renovating your yard is one of the effective ways of improving your comfort at home. You can achieve it by gathering the right equipment and following the procedure outlined to prepare the yard before planting. Remember to aerate the soil to allow for quick penetration of nutrients, water, and air.

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