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Unique Design Ideas for Desert Landscaping

People can say what they want about the desert, it’s dry and rocky, but let’s talk about the unique beauty the landscape creates. We might not see as many green manicured lawns as in areas more abundant with rain, but that that doesn’t keep us from creating beauty through desert landscaping.

In the Antelope Valley, Yucca brevifolia, known as Joshua trees, are the largest trees in the agave family. The trees are a unique staple to the desert because considering the size of earth; the trees are only in the Southwestern States of the USA and Israel. The reason for the abundance of Joshua trees in the Antelope Valley is because the trees don’t face manipulation to the landscape. The desert soil and climate provide low manipulation and maintenance, which allows for its ease in growth.

We can take inspiration from Joshua trees by incorporating similar principles in our yards. Low maintenance, abundance, are some key perks when it comes to desert landscaping. The goal is to embrace what is naturally abundant.

There are plenty of unique desert landscaping options to choose from by incorporating native plants, rocks, and boulders. It all comes down to embracing the desert in our landscapes to create the best design.

Desert Flower Beds

Trying to add more color to your space? These desert flower beds are the way to go.

Create unique desert landscapes with desert-friendly flower beds, which blend pebbles, native plants and flowers to create visually stunning scenery. Adding mulch, rocks, and boulders provide a beautiful contrasting border for the flower bed. Tailor the rocks and boulders you have to devote space to allow the flowers to thrive.

Dry Riverbeds

Are you looking to add movement and life to your backyard? Adding a river to a residential yard is not common, but the idea is to recreate the effect adding a dry riverbed. When designed right, dry riverbeds relieve the yard space of stagnation or dullness, it’s a twist on mimicking the flow of water.

The use of varying shades of rocks further mimics the flow of water without water irrigation headaches with dry riverbeds. It’s one of the many perks to desert landscaping.

Quick Tip: For more unique designs, add a small bridge above the dry riverbed to create a unique design statement in the backyard. Consider painting the bridge to add contrast to the space and dry riverbed.

Desert Plant Walkways

If you’re looking to improve your front walkaway and add color without the stress; desert plants are lovely options.  Select from desert marigolds, agave plants, and cacti to bring life to the walkway. For less maintenance, consider adding mulch, which comes in colors like red, brown, or black to style with the flowers and plants.

Shapes & Structure

What if you’re still trying to hold on to your grass?

That is perfectly okay because we can great shapes while minimizing the wide scale use of grass.  A lot of people still maintain grassy yards; what’s important is embracing the desert landscape. Incorporate mulch, stones, or whatever you please to create a central focus. Creating sectioned circles, squares, or triangles is both a practical and visually appealing way to enhance the yard.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or ready to make the change in enhancing yard it’s important to find the right supplier. At Paradise Landscape Centers we have a great selection of premium bark and mulches, with competitive prices and delivery services.

Take your time and browse our selection of rocks and boulders. We’re open seven days a week at 42201 Division St., Lancaster, CA.

We offer services to the Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita, and San Fernando Valley. Give us a call at 661-878-8886.


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