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May 12, 2017
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September 27, 2018
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Looking to transform your yard?

Looking to transform your yard? Paradise Landscape Centers can transform any landscape with decorative rock.

The front yard is very important to improve the curb appeal of your home and we know that designing your yard can be challenging. There are so many factors to consider and many choices to choose from. You need to make a decision from what type of plants to grow, what grass you can maintain, rocks that will compliment your design, and soils that you can use. But before we jump into any decision, let us check on what are the materials that we can use for our project.

If you are looking to transform the look of your front yard, back yard or driveway with durable, cost-efficient, low maintenance materials, decorative crushed rock is the answer. Crushed rocks, also known as crushed stones, are created by mining a rock formation and then subject the stone to rock crusher in order to achieve smaller pieces in different size and shapes. Paradise Landscape Centers’ decorative crushed rocks have a wide range of colors and stone types making it easy to compliment any landscaping design.

Decorative crushed rock can complement your landscape or be a smart alternative to grass.

Are you tired of paying so much for your water bill? In California, water is a commodity that is not cheap. California’s drought conditions, turf removal programs, and rebates have contributed to the popularity of water-efficient landscaping. To maintain your lawn and keep it healthy, it requires a lot of water. Do you know that watering a lawn can double the amount of water usage in the average household? The more water you have to use translate to higher water bills you have to pay. You also have to keep your grass and weeds from growing too much. Mowing your lawn can be exhausting and time-consuming. Hiring a professional can cost anywhere from $30 to $40, or even higher per visit, depending on the size of the lawn. Then you have to buy and apply fertilizers and chemicals to keep pests away and last extreme weather conditions. Weed is a constant problem for your grass and though widely available in the market, it will cost you money to keep your lawn weed-free. So think about it, by removing your lawn, How much money and time can you save from water bills, chemicals, and maintenance fee?

Paradise Landscape Centers can provide flexible materials that can give you the freedom to design the yard of your dreams. There are many advantages to choosing decorative crushed rock. It can be used in landscapes in a variety of colors to provide warmth and texture.

Consumer Benefits

Installation and removal

Paradise Landscape Centers decorative rocks are easy to install and easy to remove if changes need to be made, which makes it more appealing than a more permanent material such as concrete. Removing concrete requires a jackhammer and can cost hundreds of dollars to remove. Decorative rocks can give you flexibility in creating the perfect landscape.

Large projects:

Paradise Landscape Centers decorative rocks can cover large areas such as lawn replacements, driveways, patio, and firepit areas. This can provide drainage to large areas preventing puddles and standing water. It can be spread out in a variety of ways creating patterns, shapes, and style.

Small projects:

Paradise Landscape Centers decorative rock can make your home more inviting by transforming the appearance of smaller areas such as pathways and gardens. You can add color and texture to patios, planter beds, and borders. Decorative rocks can surround shrubs and trees to give your yard a finished look.

Paradise Landscape Centers’ Quality Materials

Paradise Landscape Centers provides the highest quality of materials that can be used in a variety of projects. Our products are strong in bearing weight and are durable in any weather conditions. Which makes them useful in driveways, walkways and high traffic areas. Our materials are so durable they will keep your landscape beautiful with little to no maintenance for many years.

Paradise Landscape Centers’ Friendly Service

Paradise Landscape Centers will make your yard transformation easier than ever. We understand that remolding your landscape can be challenging without professional input. We can help guide you through our variety of materials and an assortment of colors and textures at affordable prices to bring your vision to life. Let Paradise Landscape Centers help give your yard an upgrade and add value to your home. We are here to assist you with decision making, planning, and offer our delivery service 7 days a week.

Paradise Landscape Centers provides the best service to the Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita, and San Fernando Valley Communities. We have the largest selections of quality products with the best prices that can be delivered 7 days a week. Contact Paradise Landscape Centers today or visit us at www.avrocksupply.com.

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