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June 5, 2021
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Enhance your landscape’s curb appeal

Do you feel a sense of pride when you step outside your door? Do people lust after your garden and patio? No?

Here’s what you can do to create an inviting home compound.

Keep the lawn well-manicured

We often meet clients who postpone mowing their lawns until the time grass invades the flower beds. That’s when they realize something needs to be done. Mowing seems like a simple task but it needs planning. The surest way to keep a neat lawn is having a mowing schedule.

Unkempt grass can easily overshadow your beautiful flowers, pavements, and everything else. Organize with your gardener to mow weekly or bi-weekly as the grass grows.

Plan your foliage

You probably bought a home that has plants all over, mixed up, and they don’t necessarily complement each other. It’s possible to have good flowers that are poorly planned. Some may look great individually but are messy in a bush.

Don’t get rid of them first. Get professional advice from a landscaper. Plan out your foliage together so that you get an opportunity to utilize an already existing curb and choose the type of plants to add.

Blend your personality with the curb

This is what I mean, curbs can be designed to match your character. if you are a warm, fun-loving person, for example, orange flowers my bring out that hearty nature in you.

This may seem far-fetched at first but I assure you it’s worth the effort. Here is what you need to do, contact a professional landscaper and let them walk the journey with you. Look through magazines and online images of landscapes and identify which flowers and designs impress you. Those are ones the landscaper needs to add.

Introduce pots

What we love most about pots is that you can move them anytime you want. You can also change the vegetation without much trouble. Pots are economical, easy to maintain and yet among the top curb appeal enhancers.

Paint away

Color adds life. It could be on the house, on the landscaping stones, on the picket fence, pots or patio. If you want your home to have a fresh look, use paint. It’s economical and works wonders whether it is your home or a rented house. It always does. Consider getting professional advice on colors that compliment your home.

Use Picket fences

Picket fences bring order and add a sense of privacy where homes are not fenced. They are even better when accompanied by curbs. Rose flowers are a perfect example of picket-friendly flowers.

Picket fences can be added to already existing border designs where there are pavements and driveways or installed afresh.

Add rocks

Adding rocks is one of the most instantaneous methods of creating a scenic view of your yard. We have multiple rock options but granites and marbles are the most commonly used rocks especially when decorating pathways and flower beds.

The beautiful thing about rocks is that they need minimal maintenance and take a really short time to set up unless you are building a fountain or monument.

Invest in outdoor lights

Patio and pathway lamps bring life to your lawn and foliage when night falls. Illuminate your patio and all around your house with modern, unique lighting. Light adds a luscious feel to the curb.


I need to warn you. Between the time you design your landscape, execute the plan, and get your ideal outcome, it may be months, sometimes years. Don’t get discouraged. Distract yourself with short-term tasks with instantaneous results. These could be, for instance, creating pathways, mowing the lawn, adding rocks, and Installing lights.

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