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October 2, 2020
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October 2, 2020
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DIY Front yard renovation ideas

There are plenty of innovative DIY Front yard renovation ideas that can be applied in the yard. The complexity of the finish depends on planning and the organization involved in the process of renovation.  It is important to always remember that your front yard always gives the first impression of anybody passing close to your house. A study conducted by Michigan State University concluded that a well-maintained landscape increases the perceived value of your home by 5-11%. Below are some easy front yard landscaping ideas:

Add rock features

Although other available materials can be used for garden bed borders, the inclusion of stones or rocks helps in breaking up the profile for a low-key natural accent. The utilization of rocks in the front yard landscaping serves several important functions apart from its aesthetic value; for example, the rocks act a rain gutters by forming a spillway. The rocks can be broken into smaller pieces to form pea gravel borders which can then be added to the walkways. One advantage of using the rocks for the front yard landscape is because it is cheaper. The total project costs around $20-$50 depending on the total area that needs renovation.

Add lighting

The landscaping lights are cheap. The most commonly used source of light in the solar-powered light. Light gives life to a front yard. It is then necessary to select the color of lights that best suits the background. The most aesthetic way of fitting the lights is by sticking them on the ground along a flowerbed or your walkway. The inclusion of other standout features such as lanterns, or using faux rocks which has integrated lights that blends with the landscape increases the aesthetic value of the yard.

Upgrading the bed border

Whenever the borders of the flowerbeds are upgraded, the entire scene automatically changes. The process is effectively executed by using pre-made blocks, natural stones, and pavers. Another feature that can play an important role in upgrading the bed borders is the plastic lawn edge kit.

Inclusion of ground cover on the front yard.

It is important to appreciate that not all yards are flat. In some instances, the yard might be too uneven that it becomes noticeable. In such instances, it is advisable to use a ground cover in these areas; an example of this ground cover is pachysandra. This plant will not only cover the uneven areas but also add greenery and color in regions where the grass is unable to grow. Proper maintenance of the ground cover gives a neat and professional finish of the front yard.

Planting perennial shrubs in the front yard

It is more viable to plant perennial shrubs such as Hydrangeas or Azaleas because they not only add color to the yard but also because of its longevity of production. An added advantage to the use of the perennial plant is that they are fairly cheap normally around $40. It is important to always consult an expert before purchasing for the plant to get background information on how to take care of the plant for maximum productivity.

Making a garden bed around a mailbox

A mailbox surrounded by annual flowers such as creeping jasmine looks pretty. The process of establishing the garden includes using a simple border to enhance the mulch. The entire process is fairly cheap and costs around $75. The finish does not only add color but also adds personality to the end of the driveway.

In conclusion, many cost-effective ways do not require an expert in the renovation of the front yard. A well-maintained front yard increases the aesthetic value of the property.

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