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Desert Landscaping VS Green Landscaping​

Although an experienced professional in landscaping can transform both desert and green landscapes into the most desirable conditions, the working conditions in both landscapes vary significantly. The prevailing climatic conditions for both landscapes dictate the kinds of plants to be used. The type of soil cover for these landscapes dictates the amount of work involved in the completion of work.

Desert Landscaping

The harsh climatic condition in a desert environment limits the plant selection because most plants cannot withstand drought and temperature. The soil composition is also problematic which further reduces your plant choice and landscaping. Although there is a limited option for plant selection, this does not mean that the land should be left bland. The readily available option is the cacti plant. The green cacti can be contrasted with a reddish-orange brick wall which helps in setting off the color of the cacti and provides an attractive rustic backdrop for the cacti plant.

Showy succulent

Most desert gardens are known for having dull colors. The landscaper can change this narrative by using colorful succulent plants with an array of varying shades such as green, blue, deep purple, and orange shades.

Rocking Rock Garden

Lack of plants in a yard should give room for creativity. The Desert environment is rich with rocks of varying shades. Therefore, rock gardens are commonly used in desert climates and are known to provide great aesthetic appeal. To make the garden more appealing, select a series of cacti or succulents and place the plants at the most strategic position. It is important to never overcrowd the plants in the garden so that varying shades of rocks are visible. The rocks used in the rock garden should be of medium size then surrounded with gravel or pebbles to finish the desired look.

Green landscaping

Green landscaping is also referred to as sustainable landscaping. It is a method to create, maintain, and design the landscape to save money, energy, and time. Green landscapes reduce soil, water, and air pollution; nurture wildlife, as well as, making healthy recreation spaces.

Green Landscaping: hardscapes and plants

Plants play a critical role in green landscaping. When making a selection of plants to use in green landscaping, it is advisable to use cultivars of native plants. Native landscaping plants are normally adapted to the regional environment. It is also important to consider the climatic condition because not all native plants to the United States are adaptable in any location. It is also important to consult local experts to avoid selective aggressive or invasive native plants such as purple loosestrife. You should also consider planting deciduous trees on the west and south side of the home to provide cooling shades in summers while allowing warmth in winter.

Hardscaping can also be green. Permeable pavers are considered an eco-friendly landscaping option in comparison to concrete driveways. This is because they allow water infiltration into the ground as opposed to runoff water on concrete driveways. Reusing or recycling of glass, stones, and bricks are considered green landscaping instead of creating or buying new materials. Sustainably harvested materials or recycled plastics are the best options for decks and fencing.

Green Landscaping: water responsibly

Instead of constant watering of your lawn, it is advisable to let the lawn go dormant in the heat of summer. Naturally, grass must go into dormancy from time to time. When watering the plants, it is always important to allow deep soaking. Shallow watering results in shallow growth of roots which are susceptible to insects’ attacks and drought. The utilization of organic mulch around trees and garden beds is critical because it helps in controlling weeds and conserving soil moisture.

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