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October 2, 2020
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October 2, 2020
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Benefits of landscaping with boulders in your yard

As people strive to improve the design and style of their landscape, they become more innovative to achieve a landscape that stands out from the rest. It is in their quest for perfection that has made boulders popular in the landscaping of yards. Boulders have been found to possess natural ideal features with the capacity to complement the style of the house. There are several benefits of using boulders in landscaping. Rock garden styles depend on various factors such as the size of the rock to be used, the type of rocks, the visibility of plant-life, the container used, and the availability of water. Boulder garden uses large rocks to define the available space. On the other hand, gravel gardens utilize tiny stones and gravel as the bedrock for other accent pieces and plantings.

Increased Curb Appeal

Boulders can improve the curb appeal of the home because it brings out specific features of the yard. Boulders help in filling the bare corners due to its large size. This helps in bringing out perfect finishing touches which makes the work look more complete. Boulders can also be added to specific areas of the yard where there appears to have stunted plant growth or no plant germination at all. This is mainly the shaded areas. It is also important to note that the boulders will help in improving the curb appeal of your home thus increasing its value. Boulders are also used in desert landscaping where there are limited plant choices. Lately, boulders have been used in the construction of the patio. This is because the boulders come in different colors, designs and shapes. Boulder also adds texture and diversity in your yard. The varying sizes and colors create structure, strength, and depth to your home while still upholding their tranquil appeal.

Low Maintenance

One of the key problems in landscaping is the underlying cost in routine maintenance of the yard. One has to constantly buy replacement plants, pesticides, and herbicides. The cost incurred in water bills is also high because the plants require constant irrigation to enhance their growth. This is not the case with boulders. The boulders can remain in the same position occupying the same space for years while plants require constant trimming to control the space that has been set aside for plants’ growth. The beautiful appearance of the plants is seasonal and is bound to change whenever the climate changes. In an attempt to maintain the beautiful appearance of the plant extra costly measures must come into play. On the other hand, boulders maintain the same appearance for years regardless of the climatic condition that it experiences. This makes the use of boulders in the yard a worthy investment.


Among the most problematic thing about the using plant in the yards is in its availability. The scarcity of these plants makes them unaffordable. This means that one might be forced to limit the number of plants to be planted. Another problem is that these plants might not adapt to the climatic condition of your location making it an expensive venture. Boulders are readily available in comparison to the use of most plants. The money that could have otherwise been used in purchasing plants put to use in the improvement of boulder styles and design.

In conclusion, boulders have more advantages in comparison to the use of plants. Boulders can be used in both green and desert landscaping. The main disadvantage of boulders is the transportation cost incurred because they are heavy and bulky.

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