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How Mulch Are You Saving?

In Southern California, we’re prone to climates that are consistently dry, because of this the shift to using native plants and other alternatives to grass has grown in popularity. Although completely resurfacing your lawn can save you money in the long run, you don’t need to commit to resurfacing to altogether. Mulch and bark are complementary additions to existing grass. By providing both functional value and style, bark and mulch can save you money without having to go redesign completely or giving up on your lawn’s appearance.

Homes are valuable investments, depending on the time of shift in the housing market there may be a fantastic opportunity to increase return value. Whether you plan on selling your home or in the mood for change, mulch and bark are non-invasive options to enhance your home visually and fiscally. A fast way to scare off potential buyers is with poorly kept grass on the front yard. It makes selling difficult because the property looks abandoned. Although the interior might look exceptional, a negative first impression decreases the initial excitement to your home. So, this brings up the questions, how much could you be saving by incorporating mulch or bark and what are the benefits?

Design Freedoms

One benefit of using bark and mulch is design freedom. Express your design skills with mulch and bark which come in various colors, from natural browns, pale tans, vibrant reds, and black. Dark red mulch is complementary to green plants by enhancing vibrancy, bringing new life to your garden. With the right layout take your design to the next level with new colors and various layout shapes. Plus, fake grass is expensive at $12 to $25 per sq ft. using bark and mulch is not only fun to design but also good for savings.

Minimal Maintenance, Maximum Protection
Mulch and bark placement is a solution to areas in your yard that has poor drainage and weak soil. Constant watering, re-fertilizing, and proper water drainage management take time, especially with the appearance of pests and gophers. With the right mulch or bark of choice, you can minimize maintenance time, and reduce pest’s appearance.

Taking care of plants require a lot of TLC, especially when it comes down to soil maintenance and watering grass. According to the California Department of Water Resource owners with full grass lawns expect to use 8,000 gallons of water monthly. We can all take a break from this and decrease our water usage when implementing bark and mulch. Lower mower use, sprinkler frequency, and other maintenance materials used for grass by mulch and bark placement. Add it around your bushes or completely resurface, the choice is yours. Whether it’s a storefront with heavy foot-traffic or residential yard adding mulch or bark is beneficial to you and it saves you money!

Rain, Wind, and Storms
Mulch and Bark are seasonal contenders during rainy springs, freezing winters, and smoldering summers. After heavy raining, it absorbs rainwater and reduces the likeliness of flooding. This is reat for desert climates to regulate hot temperatures, and pairs nicely with native plants. They are the ultimate yard protectors by stopping weeds, retaining moisture, and keeping soil fresh.

Family Friendly Savings
In contrast to artificial grass, mulch and bark are non-synthetic materials. By being all-natural, organic materials result in no lead or zinc exposure. Plus, no pesticide use. There is a reason why its preferred for playgrounds, it’s family friendly and pet-friendly! Paradise Landscape Centersoffers this as well, they offer the best mulch for your pet’s needs.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to add more value to your residential or commercial space consider adding mulch or bark. The possibilities are endless when you have more design freedom, minimal maintenance, and weatherproofing benefits.

At Paradise Landscape Centers we have a great selection of premium bark and mulches, with competitive prices and delivery services. Take your time, we’re open 7 days a week at 42201 Division St., Lancaster, CA. We offer services to the Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita, and San Fernando Valley. Give us a call at 661-878-8886.

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