June 5, 2021

Types of rock to use for your waterfall design

Waterfalls are not complex to create, you only need the right combination of rocks and designing expertise. The two main considerations should be the designing and
June 5, 2021

Ways to incorporate sand in your playground design

Sand is flexible and can keep kids busy for endless hours. They can doodle on it, create shapes, form balls to throw at each other, and
June 5, 2021

Enhance your landscape’s curb appeal

Do you feel a sense of pride when you step outside your door? Do people lust after your garden and patio? No? Here’s what you can
June 5, 2021

Things to consider for a terrarium design

Terrariums are great for individuals who are interested in getting a taste of indoor gardening without too much hustle. They require minimal maintenance and minimal space
June 5, 2021

When should I use compost soils?

Soils rich with compost have multiple benefits. It also acts as a buffer to the soil maintaining acid-alkaline balance. Compost also promotes better water retention and
June 5, 2021

Benefits of adding pumice to your vegetable and flower mix soil

Vegetables and flowers thrive in well-aerated soil with good drainage. Pumice is one of the well-known products recommended for boosting soil quality. Let’s find out what
April 8, 2021

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting illuminates your yard making it safer to walk at night and highlights its beauty even in the dark. By strategically shadowing or illuminating certain
April 8, 2021

Benefits of Using Artificial Grass

Synthetic grass consists of synthetic plastic fibers intricately woven into a natural pattern that mimics natural grass and a chemical or biological agent to repel moisture.
April 8, 2021

Bird Baths

Birdbaths are an excellent way to add style to your garden and attract beautiful birds to your outdoors. Birdbaths attract birds because they need water to
October 2, 2020

What to Do Before Renovating a Yard on Your Own

Yard renovation improves the beauty of a home, and it boosts its value. Besides the aesthetical value, lawn renovation prevents the soil from being eroded by
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