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Paisajismo de su jardín con rocas decorativas
October 31, 2022
Uso de cantos rodados en su paisaje
October 31, 2022
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Landscaping your yard with Decorative Rocks

Decorative rocks are one of the most flexible elements available for a landscape renovation. They transform your landscape from ordinary to extraordinary. Using decorative stones on your landscape adds texture and contrast to it. They also provide durable groundcover with less or no maintenance at all.

While most of us can appreciate a beautifully designed landscape, not everyone has a flair for design or knows how to use decorative rocks to enhance their yards. We have several essential types of landscaping rocks to help you plan for your courtyard. They include decomposed granite, crushed granite, pea gravel, river rocks, lava rocks, brick chips, and flagstones.

Diamonds last forever, so do stone landscaping designs. At AV Rock Supply, we will help you choose a trendy design and one that will stand the test of time. Here are some of our favorite stylish and timeless ways to use decorative rocks in landscaping.

Replace Mulch with Rocks

In flower beds, plants and trees, many prefer using mulch. However, our company offers a better solution of using rocks, especially in succulent gardens where there should be low moisture levels. Rocks keep the soil dry and heat in because they don’t break over time. Mulch being an organic compound, it breaks down after a while, making it necessary to be replaced more often. This makes it costly to maintain compared to rocks that don’t have to be replaced. Decorative stones give a sophisticated look to your landscape.

Backyard Landscaping Rock Path

A contrast between living and non-living can be made from a backyard that contains many bushes, shrubs, and green plants. Paradise Landscape Centers will supply you with the rock to make your yard more appealing. The contrast makes a strong appeal that would not have been possible when the rock or plant was used alone.

Build a Rock Border around Your Garden

All gardens or landscapes are better with a defined border. It is excellent to be sure of the design you want for your landscape border, as this makes it easier to know the type of rocks you might need. Your yard looks more professional when sections are created on it. To help you develop a good design, you can sketch your ideas or use pictures from magazines as a reference, which helps when buying rocks.

Benefits of Landscaping with Rock

Rock landscaping gives you attractive, low-maintenance, and long-lasting results. It enables you to add features like walls, water features, and rock gardens in your yard. Different rocks set different tones in your home yard. For instance, river rocks add warmth to your property, while white marble chips brighten up the shady areas. Therefore, it is vital to consider the tone set in your courtyard by the rocks you choose.

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