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Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting illuminates your yard making it safer to walk at night and highlights its beauty even in the dark. By strategically shadowing or illuminating certain areas using light, you can create a dramatic or elegant atmosphere in your outdoor space.

Illuminating pathways and dark corners will improve the security of your home. Outdoor lighting will also allow you to continue outdoor activities after sunset.

Why you should consider landscape lighting

There are several reasons why you need more outdoor lighting than just a porch light.

  1. Outdoor lighting will give you more illumination at night. You can install floodlights that will help you maneuver to your garage, door, and pathways at night.
  2. Landscape lighting will enhance your security. You will be able to see hidden or dark corners on your property. Adequate lighting makes it safe to walk at night with fewer chances of accidents happening.
  • Landscape lighting enhances the beauty of your property. You have limitless options on how you can use outdoor lights to highlight your lawn, water features, and garden. You can bring out the water elements, architectural features, and outdoor gathering spaces of your home.
  1. The value of your property will increase. A property with adequate outdoor lighting is more secure and attractive to potential buy

Which the best places to mount landscape lighting?

Outdoor lighting illuminates and keeps the landscape as the center of attention. You should, therefore, purposefully place landscape lights in areas that will highlight the beautiful outdoors and improve security. You could consider the following options;

  • Install downlights at regular intervals along walkways and paths to ensure safety and security. You can install bollard lights if you need brighter illumination.
  • Fix light fixtures within bushes or beneath trees or stone arrangements to showcase their natural beauty.
  • If you have a pond or water feature, you can install underwater lights or in-ground pond lights to highlight their beauty.
  • Wall and deck lights give off a soft glow that shows the beauty of the building’s space and architecture.

The common types of landscape lighting

There are many options of landscape lighting fixtures depending on their intended use.

  • Spotlights highlight vital areas in your landscape. Floodlights are spotlights with more than a 60° beam angle and illuminate a larger space. Downlights are spotlights that you place in a downward-facing position.
  • Path lights are found along pathways or walkways to guide you and highlight large parts of ground vegetation.
  • In-ground lights are light sources that remain hidden.
  • Underwater lights are used in water features such as ponds and fountains and remain fully or partially submerged.
  • Specialty lights, including decorative lamps, tiki torches, are used for specific tasks.

Integrated LED and lamp ready fixtures                         

There are two main light fixtures available for outdoor use. You do not need to fix a bulb when using integrated LED fixtures, and you have to replace the entire fixture in case of failure.

Lamp-ready fixtures require you to fix a bulb and allow you to customize the brightness, beam spread, and color of the light. If a lamp-ready fixture fails, you can replace the bulb and not the entire fixture.

Factors to consider when selecting landscape lighting fixtures

It would be best if you considered the following to help you choose the best landscape lighting for your outdoors.

  • Your lighting needs – where you plan to use the fixtures and the type of light you need will determine the choice you make.
  • The voltage you need determines how you will use the lighting fixtures to establish the voltage you need.
  • Complement your outdoor design – you should choose outdoor fixtures that complement the color, finish, and style that is already in your outdoor.
  • Size of the fixtures – you should consider the fixture’s size compared to your outdoors’ size. Chose a light fixture that is not too big or too small for your space.


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